Hello dear visitor, and welcome to my Stil’ish Tribe community. I am your host and guide for this journey . Let’s  hope to have a strong and long relationship, shall we?  🙂


I go by the name of Ana, but I am also known as : Anutuca, Anisoara, Aneuta, Ane, Anamaria (my mother is the only one calling me so) and for 2 little people, I am MOM.  If  I have to describe myself in just a few words, the most important ones are : single mother, romanian leo lady in her late 30’s. Second, I am a beauty seeker, a humans admirer , nature embracer, sport lover, music freak and fashion devourer. I was born in Craiova, raised in Constanta, than 9 years of Bucharest, after marriage I moved to Oradea for 2 years, than to Germany for another 7 years, and since 2015 I live in Timisoara. This seems to be the final destination, but … I have a nomad soul, so who knows what the future brings? I graduated the University of Architecture and Urbanism „Ion Mincu” from Bucharest, but I haven’t been practicing as an architect since 2009. I do, however, believe that those 6 years of intensive study, and another 5 of working in one of the largest architecture firms in Bucharest qualify me as a „connoisseur” of shapes, volumes, colours, textures, perspectives, compositions…and also allow me to „see” how all those are supposed to merge in order to become ART. This is the ace up my sleeve. 😉
I am also a content writer, I write blog articles on several pages (furniture, pizza, medical). I love to write and it doesn’t matter on what subject. I manage in any field! 

I have always been a free speaker, a good writer and a little bit of an entertainer: I make people laugh! This skill I inherited from my father’s (a poet, a physicist, a dreamer, a politician, my hero). The house I grew up in, was ruled by decency, elegance and normality and for that, I have to thank my mother. This friendly environment allowed me to develop a strong personality, that manifests in every aspect of my life. I am not easy going 🙂 , but I have plenty of that „ish” factor we like so much. „Ish” is the new „X”!! 

As anyone of us possess that inner „beast” that jumps out when we become aware that happiness comes from inside, and it’s not generated by other’s opinions and approvals, mine lies in the way I combine my outfits and the rolling of my tongue.  🙂


This will be a private journey inside my mind and soul, and I invite you all to come aboard and find things you like, things you hate, things to make your day better and things to make it worse, cause this is what a „tribe” is all about : sharing emotions, quality moments, VIBES!  Outfits generate emotions, and emotions generate outfits…it’s a win-win situation for those who have disponibility to see.. 🙂

Future goals? Beside this Blog? 🙂 I wish one of my many jobs 😉 to be something like: „vintage items personal shopper”. My great passion is to search (and find) treasures in vintage and second hand stores. If you want to give me a chance, please write at abacila@gmail.com. My style is the urban chic. I can joggle with new and old pieces and come up with great outfits! I also want to expand the range of clients on the „content writing” part. If you are searching for one, you just found it! 😉 

I can’t wait to see your feed-back on my posts! I feel like a baby who received a new toy. I beg you to be gentle, but honest!!! It is imperative.  🙂