Pare ca sunt doar eu in poza… Gresit! 🙂
Jungla urbana.
Ma tin de poante. 😉 🙂
Coltul cu povesti

Cred ca v-ati saturat sa ma tot auziti facand reclama neplatita mediului urban. 🙂 Mai ales cand acesta… lasa mult de dorit. Realitatea este, insa, ca acest spatiu este cel ce ne caracterizeaza ca specie umana, nu codrul verde… nu se mai vede… urma de cal.  Si oricare dintre noi ar fi ipocrit sa afirme ca orasul nu are nimic ofertant. Cei interesati de moda si de fotografia de moda stiu ca cele mai spectaculoase fotografii sunt cele realizate in peisaje urbane, caci acolo… hainele sunt la ele acasa. La mare ne sta bine in chiloti, iar in padure… sa fim realisti: de cele mai multe ori purtam un trening impermeabil, bocanci, o sapca si un rucsac. De aia eu sunt blogger „de asfalt”. Nu ma simt foarte bine „doar in chiloti”, iar treninguri nu prea am… 🙂 Iar daca mi-e musai sa dau de jungla… aceasta exista si in orase, e doar „incognito”.

Stiu ca nu toti oamenii sunt ca mine. Am prieteni care abia asteapta weekendul pentru a evada spre case de vacante pitoresti, in buza de codru si susur de izvor, am alti prieteni pe care shoppingul ii termina psihic, in schimb rezista ore intregi in soare gradinarind prin curte… propriul  meu sot se simte mult mai bine in jungla amazoniana, unde trei din cinci animale intalnite iti pot pune capat, decat la un concert Delia la Epic Vara. 😮 Ii respect din tot sufletul pe acesti oameni, caci nu ii pot intelege… si in general, ce nu poti intelege iti inspira fie frica, fie admiratie. Eu insa, voi alege mereu concertul. Sunt Ana Urbana. 😉 Imi place aglomeratia, forfota. De cand au plecat baietii mei la bunici, m-a imbolnavit linistea casei. Este sinistra. Am gasit un radio mai vechi si de vreo 3 saptamani canta zi si noapte, nu l-am oprit niciodata. Interesant, pe el nu il aud noaptea… in schimb daca latra cainele sau canta vreo pasare… 🙂


Am iesit cu Diana la poze, desi ma simteam groaznic. Am lipsa de magneziu (in rest toate analizele mi-au iesit perfect… mai traiesc 60 de ani cu succes 😉 ) si simptomele sunt halucinante. Le scriu aici ca poate mai salvez vreun suflet ce se crede „pe moarte” si in loc de sicriu, isi cumpara un Magne B6. O dau pe gluma ca sa nu ma apuce plansul… 😛 Avem asa: furnicaturi in tot corpul, simti ca iti arde carnea, in special picioarele… dureri de cap, tahicardie, senzatie ca iti fuge pamantul de sub picioare, privire usor de-focusata, senzatie de nod in gat, senzatie de greutate pe piept ce se accentueaza la caldura, spasme musculare si tremur la nivelul extremitatilor, somn in reprize bine determiate 🙂 , fara drept de apel… Oameni buni, este inuman! Si abia dupa o saptamana de luat magneziu am inceput sa simt niste imbunatatiri… dar nu sunt inca ok. 🙁 Singura parte pozitiva a intregii povesti este faptul ca m-am convins ca alte probleme de sanatate nu am… eu ipohondra fiind, este echivalentul unui an de psihoterapie. 😛
Asta a fost o paranteza, ca sa intelegeti de ce pozele nu sunt tocmai cele mai…cele. Modelul era „de-magneziat”. 🙂 😛

Voi pune pantalonii pe care ii port la vanzare pe Shop my closet. Au si o bustiera aferenta si sunt de la Versace Sport. Se pot construi sau deconstrui dupa bunul plac. 😉 Si arata la fel de chic in toate variantele. Daca doriti detalii, imi puteti scrie in privat pe Facebook, Instagram sau sa trimiteti un mail la abacila1979@gmail.com . Bluzo-rochite de acest gen am vazut la Reserved, sunt sigura ca daca va grabiti mai prindeti la reducere. Sunt genul de piese ce asigura un look urban extrem de reusit. Iar intr-o vara ca aceasta, atat de naravasa, trebuie sa gandim styling-uri „outside the box”. Ba frig, ba cald, ba ploaie torentiala, ba soare dogoritor. O avea si vara asta lipsa de magneziu…

Cam atat pour aujourd’hui. Va pup tare si apasat!


Urban everything
Looking for balance
The story tellers

I think you’re  tired of hearing me advertising all the time the urban environment. For free! 🙂 Especially when this one… leaves much to be desired. The reality is, however, that this space is what characterizes us humans, as a species, not the green forest… The age of Robin Hood is long gone. And any of us would be hypocritical to say the city has nothing to offer. Those interested in fashion and fashion photography know that the most spectacular pictures are those made in urban landscapes, because there … the clothes are at home. On the coast, all we need is our panties and in the woods … to be realistic, most of the time we wear waterproof clothes, boots, a hat and a backpack. That’s why I’m an asphalt blogger. I am not confortable „just in my panties” and I do not have many waterproof clothes… 🙂 And if I am looking for the jungle … this is also in the cities, it’s just „incognito”.

I know, not all people are like me. I have friends who can not wait for the weekend, in order to escape to picturesque holiday homes, in the shadow of the forrest and sound of mountain springs. I have other friends that find good old shopping mentally challenging, but instead can resist hours in the sun, gardening through the yard … My own husband feels much better in the Amazon jungle, where three out of five animals can put an end to you, than a Delia concert at Epic Vara. 😮 I respect those people wholeheartedly, because I can not understand them … and in general, what you can not understand inspires you either fear, or admiration. But I will always choose the concert. I’m Ana Urbana. 😉 I love a good clutter. Since my boys have gone to their grandparents, the quiet of the house has got to me. It is sinister. I found an old radio in the house and for about three weeks, it has been singing day and night, I never stopped it. Interestingly, I can not hear it during the night … but if the dog barks or a bird sings… 🙂

Ton sur ton 😉

I went out with Diana for pictures, though I felt terrible. I lack magnesium in my body (all the other analyzes were perfect … I am espected to live another 60 successfully years ) and the symptoms are hallucinatory. I write them here ,maybe I will be able to save another soul that believes to be „dying” and instead of a coffin, he/she will buy a Magne B6 box. O joke so I will not start crying … 😛 Those are: tingling throughout your body, a feeling of intense heat inside the muscles, especially the legs … headache, tachycardia, feeling the ground beneath the feet boggling, eyes un-focused, feeling of lump in the throat, chest heaviness that worsens in the heat, muscle spasms and tremors in the extremities, insomnia … People, it is inhuman! Just after a week of taking magnesium I started to feel some improvement … but I’m still not ok. 🙁 The only positive part of the whole story is that now I know I do not have other health problems… I have only hypochondria, so such a resolution equals a year of psychotherapy. 🙂 This one is a miserable monster I have to face every day… 🙁
This text is supposed to excuse my face in those photos … The model was „de-magnezium-ized”. 🙂 😛

I’ll put those pants for sale on Shop my closet. They also have a matching bustier and are from Versace Sport. They can be constructed or deconstruct by choice. 😉 And looks as chic in all variations. If you want details, you can write me privately on Facebook, Instagram or send an email to abacila1979@gmail.com. Bluse-dresses of this kind I saw at Reserved, I’m sure if you hurry you can buy them at discount prices. They are the kind of pieces that ensure an extremely successful urban look. And in a summer like this, so nasty, we have to imagine „outside the box” stylings. It’s eighter cold, than hot, or heavy rain, than sunshine. It feels like this summer lacks magnesium too…

Than’s all for today, dear folks! Kiss you all loud and pressed!

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