Sunt deja 2 saptamani de cand merg numai pe bicicleta. In incapatanarea mea, refuz cu stoicism sa merg pe jos. Roti sa aiba…ca ma descurc eu cumva. 🙂 Am incercat chiar si trotineta fiului meu cel mare, contribuind fara echivoc la „decesul” acesteia, inregistrat saptamana trecuta… Am scos si certificatul deja… 😛
Mai… nu ma asteptam sa imi placa atat de mult mersul pe doua roti. Sentimentul de libertate, pe care il tot auzeam pomenit de altii, este real. Pentru ca sunt o vizionara in felul meu… am inceput sa ma imaginez pe un motor. 🙂 (Sper ca nu citeste maica-mea acest articol… 😛 . Mami, nu este ceea ce pare!!) Efectiv, la modul cel mai serios, cochetez cu ideea… Om trai s-om vedea.

Stiu doar ca drumul care era parcurs dimineata cu masina in 25 de minute, acum dureaza numai 12 minute (3-4 melodii de pe YouTube, cu tot cu reclamele dintre ele… 🙁 ). Mai stiu ca am muschii pe picioare mai definiti ca oricand, dar nu intr-un mod neplacut… Incerc de mult sa ajung in aceasta forma. 😛 De stiam cat de repede te rezolva o bicicleta… eram de mult timp batuta de vant si soare. 🙂 Si mai este un aspect benefic si pe care l-am dorit, caci mi-a lipsit: vad oameni. Pe strada, mergand… Aud ce vorbesc, le vad gesturile, le admir sau dezaprob tinutele… Deja stiu ca la 8 fara 5 dimineata voi vedea o fata extrem de cocheta la trecerea de pietoni de la Punctele Cardinale, cu o tigare in coltul gurii, ruj inchis la culoare, palton supradimensionat, par negru si basca pe-o ureche. La aceeasi trecere de pietoni trec pe langa un adolescent pe bicicleta, cu parul extrem de voluminos, tipul acela de par explodat, de parca sta toata ziua cu mana pe un aparat Van der Graaf… Oameni misto.

We are not alone in the Universe…

Inghit informatii vizuale de toate felurile. Ca o insetata. E pura doctorie. Din masina totul este estompat. Strada este insa colorata, vie, respira, urla, uneori grotesca… alteori frumoasa de pica. Ma declar fascinata.
Cand locuiam in Bucuresti mergeam numai pe jos si adoram sa observ oamenii. Faptul ca si acum fac asta, constituie o binemeritata intoarcere in timp. Vremuri fara griji, de introspectie, cunoastere si evolutie.

Evident… nu ma imbrac specific mersului pe bicicleta! Hello! Ma cunoasteti deja…nu? 😛 TOATA lumea se uita dupa mine pe strada. Toata! 🙂 Nu inteleg de ce ar trebui sa te imbraci in trening sau pantaloni de fitness doar pentru ca esti pe o bicicleta. Mi s-ar parea plictisitor… Atat timp cat ai grija ca budigaii sa nu fie prea largi si sa se prinda in lant.. limitele sunt date doar de o imaginatie.
Am profitat din plin de aceasta noua situatie ivita in viata mea, si voi mai profita inca doua saptamani bune. Ba mai mult, am decis sa renunt la masina complet cel putin 2 zile pe sapatamana. Imi fac mie, copiilor mei, mediului inconjurator mari servicii… Dar mai ales mie, caci da! Sunt o egoista. La 40 de ani realizez  ca eu sunt principalul actor al filmului vietii mele si ca… daca eu sunt fericita, asa vor fi si cei ce ma inconjoara.

Don’t cease to amaze, girls!


It’s already been 2 weeks since I only ride my bicycle. In my stubbornness, I stoically refuse to walk. If it has wheels … I can handle it somehow. 🙂 I even tried my eldest son’s scooter, contributing unequivocally to its „death”, registered last week … We also issued the certificate … 😛
Plus … I didn’t expect to like the „two-wheel” drive so much. The feeling of freedom that I had always heard from others, is real. Because I’m a visionary in my own way … I started to imagine myself on a motorbike. 🙂 (I hope my mom does not read this article … :P. Mommy, this is not what it looks like!) Indeed, in the most serious way, I flirt with the idea of getiing the motorbike driver’s license.)

I only know that the road I traveled in the morning by car in 25 minutes, it now only lasts 12 minutes (3-4 songs on YouTube, with all the ads inbetween them … 🙁 ) I know that now, I have nicer muscles on my legs.  More defined as usual, but not in an unpleasant way … I tried very hard to get to this form. 😛 Had I known how fast a bike would solve this problem… I would have been already a God damn good ciclyst. 🙂 And it has also another positive  aspect that I wanted, because I missed it: I see people. On the street, walking … I hear what they’re talking about, I see their gestures, I admire or disapprove of their outfits … I already know that at 5 before 8  in the morning I will see an extremely stylish girl at the pedestrian crossing at The Cardinal Points, with a cigarette in the corner of her mouth, dark colored lipstick , oversized coat, black hair and a little hat weared on one ear. At the same pedestrian crossing I pass a teenager on a bicycle, with extremely voluminous hair, that type of exploded hair, as if he had all day his hand on a Van der Graaf device … Cool people.

I swallow visual information of all kinds. Like I am very thirsty. It’s pure medicine. Everything we see from the car is blurred. But the street is colorful, alive, it breaths, it howls, sometimes it’s grotesque … sometimes beautiful.. I declare myself fascinated.
When I was living in Bucharest I was only walking and I loved to observe people. The fact that I do this now, is a well-deserved return in time. Times without worries, times for insightfulness, knowledge and evolution.

Obviously … I don’t dress like I am about to cycle! Hello! You already know me … right? 😛 Everyone looks at me on the street. All the people! 🙂 I don’t understand why you should wear trainers or fitness pants just because you’re on a bike. It would seem boring to me … As long as you take care that the pants are not too wide and get caught in the chain … the limits are only given by one’s imagination.
I took full advantage of this new situation in my life, and it will last another two long weeks. Moreover, I decided to give up the car completely at least 2 days per week. It can do great services to my children, the environment … But especially me, yes! I’m a selfish person. At 40 I realized that I am the main actor of the movie of my life and that … if I am happy, so will those around me.

Don’t cease to amaze, girls!

Photos by HD Photography

I was wearing

Just Cavalli trench

Versace Sports pants

Seeberger hat

original cowboy boots