Mai periculoasa decat carantina propriu zisa, este o carantina a mintii… Un refuz vehement de a face ceva, n’importe quoi.. Trecui prin asa ceva. Nu are rost sa intru in detalii de-a dreptul „obscene”, dar pot sa va spun ca s-a manifestat prin: doze de Netflix fara de numar, doua kilograme de cafea in nici trei luni, vreo 3 kilograme in plus (singura parte pozitiva… speram chiar la 5 ­čśŤ ) si mai mult de 11 ore de somn zilnic… Practic, m-am mutat in pat. In conditii normale de existenta, asa ceva ar suna ca o adevarata vacanta. Dar… sa stai trei luni din viata, si asa scurta, in pat, este in realitate o tragedie.

Probabil nu joc atat de bine la „impuse”. Realitatea este ca am fost mereu un om liber. Sunt o privilegiata. A.. ca am inteles libertatea intr-un mod putin restrictiv, tine mai mult de educatie si de cei 10 ani de comunism in care m-am format. Sunt un spirit liber, dar in limita bunului simt. ­čÖé Respect regulile, dar in felul meu. Daca e musai sa stau in casa, o sa ma razvratesc pe sistem stand numai in pat!! ­čśŤ
Evident, de cand aceasta impunere a purtarii mastilor in spatiile publice, m-am gandit sa scot o colectie personalizata de modele si forme. Dar…deja multa lume face acest lucru. Asa ca, probabil voi ajunge sa proiectez niste ochelari de soare care sa nu se mai abureasca atunci cand ii porti impreuna cu o masca… Ar fi mai constructiv si mai reprezentativ. Hei, e ideea mea…ok? Inceteaza sa te mai gandesti ­čśë .

Moda m-a scos din casa. Vechea mea iubire. Si Didi… pe care nu o mai vazusem de 3 luni. „Hai fata sa iesim la poze, ca nu mai pot sa stau in casa!” Vremea? Te poti lipsi linistit de asa ceva… Frig, vant, umezeala.
Nu am mai fost la shopping de foarte mult timp, asa ca am facut tinuta din ce mai aveam prin sifonier. O rochie creion trebuie sa aiba orice femeie. Daca nu aveti, sa va procurati una. Se gasesc la Zara aproape in orice colectie. A mea este dintr-un magazin second hand. La o asemenea rochie, este foarte important sa vi se vada talia. Ajuta la armonizarea siluetei. Aveam doua optiuni: curea pe talie peste sacou, sau… sa tai sacoul. ­čśŤ Optiunea doi, mult mai apetisanta! Trebuie doar sa ii fac si tiv, ca sa nu se destrame. Se poarta acest tip de sacouri, taiate sub sani.. Sunt sexy.

In picioare am niste ghetute hand-made crosetate de soacra mea. Sunt incredibile, va jur. O voi intreba de unde a comandat talpa si ata, poate intereseaza pe vreuna dintre voi. Eu , din nefericire, am doua maini stangi… asa ca stau in banca mea.

Am revenit. Daca ati zambit macar o singura data citind acest text, inseamna ca mi-a revenit si creierul. Daaar…. pastreaza inca distantarea sociala ­čśë , asa cum ar trebui sa facem si noi. Ne revedem pe social media!
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More dangerous than the quarantine itself, it is a quarantine of the mind … A vehement refusal to do something, n’importe quoi .. You went through something like that. No sense in telling you all the „obscene” details – but mainly I: watched Netflix in huge amounts, I drank 2 kg of coffee in 3 mounths, I gained 3 kg (I was aiming for 5, but … ­čÖé ) and slept more than 11 hours every day … Basically, I moved to bed. Under normal conditions of existence, such a thing would sound like a real vacation. But … staying three months in bed, when our life is so short, is actually a tragedy.

I probably don’t play „imposed” that well. The reality is that I have always been a free spirit. I’m privileged. Ah.. I understood freedom in a more restrictive way and that has more to do with education and the 10 years of communism in which I was formed. I am a free soul, but within the limits of common sense. ­čÖé I follow the rules, but in my own way. If I have to stay at home, I will rebel against the system by sitting only in bed!! ­čśŤ
Obviously, since this imposition of wearing masks in public spaces, I thought of bringing out a personalized collection of models and shapes. But … a lot of people are already doing this. So, I’ll probably end up designing some sunglasses that won’t get steamy when you wear them with a mask … It would be more constructive and representative. Hey, it’s my idea … okay? Stop thinking;).

Fashion got me out of the house. My old love. And Didi … whom I hadn’t seen in 3 months. „Let’s take pictures girl, I can’t stay inside anymore!” The weather? You can safely miss something like that … Cold, wind, humid.
I haven’t been shopping for a long time, so I made the most of my outfit browsing the closet. Any woman must possess a pencil dress/ skirt.┬á If you don’t have one, get one. They are at Zara’s in almost any collection. Mine is from a second hand store. In such a dress, it is very important to let your waist be seen. Helps to harmonize the silhouette. I had two options: belt at the waist over the jacket, or … cut the jacket. ­čśŤ Option two, much more apealing! I just have to make a hem in the near future, so it won’t fall apart. It is fashionable to wear this type of „crop top” jackets. It’s sexy.

I am wearing some hand-made boots crocheted by my mother-in-law. They are incredible, I swear to you. I’ll ask her where she ordered the sole and thread, maybe you’ll be interested in one of yourself. I, unfortunately, have two left hands … so I sit aside ­čśë .

I returned. If you smiled at least once while reading this text, it means that my brain came back too. Buuuut …. still keeping the social distance;), as we all should do. See you on social media!
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Don’t cease to amaze, girls!

Photos were taken by Sense Photography