N-am crezut c-o sa mai port in aceasta primavara,
Cojocelul meu cel lung, romanesc, de-odinioara…
Am noroc ca nu l-am strans, sa-l pun sus pe policioara,
Caci dulapul imi e plin de pasteluri, flori si vara!

Martie in acest an, ne obliga sa gandim combinatii inedite:
Suprapuneri, potriveli, mult contrast la purtator si blanita la picior!
Apropos de incaltari… veti vedea azi in postare,
Cizmulite cu platforma, in culori de „sori-rasare”.

Koolabuura se numesc, UGG ii fauresc
Si i-am luat de pe E-Bay la un pret… sa tot iti iei!
Erau noi in cutiuta, cu fundita, eticheta, sac de praf si carticele,
Special facuti, imi pare, sa te poarte dragutele… prin nameti de „floricele”!

Tot ce-i colorat pe mine, sa stiti ca din Peru vine!
Si rochita… si caciula… chiar si salul merge struna,
Toate stau buluc pe mine, colorate si pufoase, de ma vad si de pe luna!

„Color blocking” e un trend ce revine an de an,
Si ne face sa parem camp de flori peste maidan.
In scenariul mohorat de oras aglomerat, plin de fum si dezolant,
O tinuta colorata sare-n ochi la lumea toata!

Si transforma vizual un oras agonizant, in ceva mirobolant…

S-aveti grija cand pe strada, in multe culori iesiti…
Kitch-ul poate fi o arta, dar e greu sa-l stapaniti!
In speranta sa postare-mi v-a facut mult sa zambiti,
Doresc macar primavara, in suflet sa o primiti…


I thought weather will not bring
This long coat back from the shelf,
Where I’ve put it as I should…
As my closet turned to spring!

This March has us working hard,
Testing our imagination…
We must keep an open mind,
And the styling in rotation!

If now „mix and match” we use,
Than tomorrow we should try
To put layers on ourselfes,
All the way, from head to shoes!

Speaking of them shoes I say…
That the ones I used today,
Were bought one day from E-Bay,
At a price I can not lay! (down) ­čśŤ

Even if they came in box, with dust bag, label and book
Were the cheapest shoes I’ve bought,
Just because, I never thought…
Shoes should be more up to date, than to have a perfect shape!

Koolabuura is the brand, I supose you never heard..
Who produces them althow, are the famous UGGs.

They will get me through this snow,
I do trust their big „plateau”,
And the fur inside keeps warm,
As all other things I worn..

All the colors that you see,
The hat, shawl and dress on me,
Are from that part of the world,
Where the incas used to be…

Peru’s colors are a bless,
And when the city’s a mess..
You can try to color block,
It’s a trend that comes on clock…
Putting end to all the stress!

You just have to keep in thought,
Not to over-colorize,
Kitsch is the art that’s not,
Something we all sympathize!

Hoping that I made you laugh,
I wish your spring to come soon…
If it’s not outside to look,
Try to find it in your heart!

Kiss you all loud and pressed!

I am wearing

Koolabuura shoes, similar here

Dalila Gamarra dress

 alpaca shawl and hat from Peru

Penti stockings